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Why did we create VeeZ?

VeeZ starts with a story. It started with a roommate and I that separated after living together for 5 years. We used to come out on the balcony, talk every day and just 'hang out'. After a while I got married, moved out and we both missed the interaction we had. We lead busy lives and it's hard to find time to talk every day and the social drift became apparent. 
So we had an idea: what if we can still communicate like before and let technology bridge the distance? What if we could see each other on our own pace? Tell stories like before. And just have fun? We realized there are apps like Facetime and Skype but this required us to both be available at the same time. We tried Messenger and other popular apps but saw that sharing high quality videos quickly is a burden. What if there was an app built from the ground up to capture and share video, no matter the length and at HD quality? 
These questions led to the birth of VeeZ. 
The conversation turned into a prototype. One prototype turned into another prototype and we kept testing this basic idea. It turns out, communicating using videos is powerful. It enables a closer interaction because it's visual and the more we kept using it, the more we loved it. 
We have been working on the VeeZ technology since mid-2014. We are excited to improve the product, to enable users express themselves in videos and share them with their friends. We hope to impact how you communicate and make a difference in your life. 
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